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How to Help: Make a Bequest

Making a Bequest to the R C Sherriff Trust : Remember the Trust in your Will

The RC Sherriff Trust supports the arts in Elmbridge, through its grant-making, for the following purposes:

  • To support and stimulate excellence, new ideas and innovation in the arts in the borough, whether amateur or professional.
  • To invest in the creative talent of individual artists in Elmbridge and to provide opportunities for them to develop further their skills and knowledge.
  • To increase opportunities for all Elmbridge residents to take part in or experience high quality arts activities, whatever their economic or social circumstances.
  • To increase resources and improve facilities for the arts in the borough.
  • To support and encourage initiatives aimed at the development of new audiences and venues for the arts in the borough.
  • To promote good practice in management, marketing, fundraising and educational work amongst arts organisations in Elmbridge, and to encourage collaboration.

You can make an invaluable contribution to our work in the future by leaving a bequest in your Will. A bequest can take the form of a specific sum, property or the residue from your Estate. This is such a precious gift to future generations and is so easy for a solicitor to arrange. Any gift you do make to our funds is free of tax and can reduce the tax liability of your Estate.

Naturally, you would wish to discuss this with your own legal advisors, but if you would like to talk to us about any specific aspect of our work you would be keen to support, or to see if there would be advantages in leaving the bequest open for our general funds, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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