Literary Competition Winners 2016
The R C Sherriff Trust announces the results of the 2016 Literary Competition - "Love" - organised by the R C Sherriff Trust in partnership with Elmbridge Borough Council.

The prizegiving and public readings for the winning entries were held at Riverhouse Arts Centre in Walton on 19th November.

To see a selection of pictures from the prizegiving event, Click Here.

The Winners, the Runners-Up, those Highly Commended and Commended are listed below. Click the links to view the original entries.

5 - 7 Age Group1st Place:Lottie Azurdia-Latter: "Love Potion"
 2nd Place:(Harriet) Ella Barker: "Bella and Alex Love Ice Cream"
 Joint 3rd Place:Lucy Emma Agnew: "My Family Love Is…"
  Alice Jackson: "Love"
 Highly Commended:Emma Nicholson: "Mr Big"
  Thomas Darragh: "Love"
  Christian Lancia: "Love - My Family"
  Daniel Troy: "Places I Love"
 Commended:Charlie Newton: "Love"
  Jasmine Plumbridge: "Lava Love Story"
  Jack Kennedy: "Love"
  Callum Matthews: "Love"
  Sophia Berry: "Love Is Mum"
8 - 11 Age Group1st Place:Caitlin Costello: "Dragonfly Post"
 2nd Place:Elizabeth Hamilton: "The Little Carer"
 Joint 3rd Place:Erin Haughey-Asencio: "Lost "
  Louise Abbs: "Love"
 Highly Commended:Ansel Hamilton: "The Strike of Love"
  Lara Turan: "Pebble in My Pocket"
  Finn Golding: "Two Blue Birds"
  Ben James: "The Bear and the Swallow"
 Commended:Louise Tack: "Tyler"
  Lucas Crabb: "Match Days"
  Clara Gaines: "The Orphan That Needed Love"
  Quinlan Taggard: "True Love"
11 - 13 Age Group1st Place:Miranda Thomas: "A Love Like No Other"
 2nd Place:Anabel Woodward: "The Lonely King"
 3rd Place:Miranda Thomas: "The Hut in the Mountains"
 Commended:Sachleen Soor: "Ode From the Blind"
  Sachleen Soor: "Love Letters to the Dead"
14 - 18 Age Group1st Place:Lottie Armitage: "Wolf"
 2nd Place:Cameron Benson-Davis: "A Sonnet To My Travels"
 3rd Place:Hannah Emmanuel: "Love"
Adult Group - Poems1st Place:Jill Abram: "My Girl"
 2nd Place:Racheal Joseph: "The Chair In My Garden"
 3rd Place:Brian Docherty: "A Million Roses"
 Highly Commended:Sue Wrinch: "Sibling Love"
  Ella Zubeidi: "Half His Age Plus Seven"
  Jenny Simnett: "Digital Love"
  Nick Thripp: "For Love of the Team"
  Graham Buchan: "Cannibal"
 Commended:Isabel White: "Cuttings"
  Emma Ayres: "I Promise"
Adult Group - Stories1st Place:Haley Jenkins: "Talisman"
 Joint 2nd Place:J. Towndrow: "Tsunami"
  Sophie Roger: "Ammi Babba"
 3rd Place:Lesley North: "Bicycles"
 Highly Commended:Emma Ayres: "Drawn to the Flames"
  Terry Ryan: "Not So Strictly"
 Commended:Jasmin Lowson: "The Three Russian Dolls"
  Christine Williams: "Halcyon Days"
  RWH Lubbock: "The Voice"