Literary Competition Winners 2017
The R C Sherriff Trust announces the results of the 2017 Literary Competition - "Luck" - organised by the R C Sherriff Trust in partnership with Elmbridge Borough Council.

The prizegiving and public readings for the winning entries were held at Riverhouse Arts Centre in Walton on 29 October.

To see a selection of pictures from the prizegiving event, Click Here.

The Winners, the Runners-Up, those Highly Commended and Commended are listed below. Click the links to view the original entries.

5 - 7 Age Group - Story:1st Place:Emma Nicholson: "The Lucky Penny"
5 - 7 Age Group - Little Rhymes:1st Place:Mei Chiu: "Luck"
 2nd Place:Alice Malloy: "Luck"
 Joint 3rd Place:Mikolay Dulniak: "Luck"
  Petula Murphey: "Luck"
 Highly Commended:Molly Baskerville: "Luck"
  John O'Donnell: "Luck"
 Commended:Tobias Taylor-Wyborn: "Luck"
  Madalena Aparaicio Theotonio: "Luck"
  James Norfolk: "The Lucky Penny"
  Zara Hodkinson: "The Lucky Penny"
8 - 11 Age Group - Poetry:1st Place:Lottie Azurdia-Latter: "Luck Is..."
 2nd Place:Lila Thompson: "I'm So Lucky To Be Me"
 3rd Place:Kyle Matthews: "I Wish I Had Luck Every Day"
 Highly Commended:Florence Datta: "A Poem About Luck"
  Charlotte Norfolk: "Luck"
 Commended:Lexie Zieleznik: "I Am Lucky"
  Lucy Agnew: "Halloween"
8 - 11 Age Group - Stories:1st Place:Nina Truesdale: "Luck"
 2nd Place:Feile Rae Keane: "The Luckiest Man Alive"
 3rd Place:Hannah Griffiths: "My Big Brother"
 Highly Commended:Ellen Clarke: "Luck In The Jungle"
  Lucy Cowland: "Bad Luck, Girl"
  Beatrice Finch: "Our Dolphin Dreams"
  Allegra Fleming: "Just My Luck"
 Commended:Anya Desor: "I Believe"
  Maya DeLany: "The Opposite of Luck"
  Ben Stacey: "A Load Of Luck"
  Elsa Fernandes: "The Lucky Dip"
11 - 13 Age Group1st Place:Tom Hudson: "Black Cat"
 2nd Place:Emerson Reid: "Four Leaf Clovers"
 3rd Place:Keir Edkins-O'Brien: "A Life"
 Highly Commended:Yiannis Scotiniadis: "Luck"
14 - 18 Age GroupJoint 1st Place:Lottie Armitage: "Rain"
  Iona Fleming: "The Dying Luck Of Sacrifice"
 3rd Place:Myuriel Khametova: "Lady Luck"
Adult Group - StoriesJoint 1st Place:Bill Lubbock: "Bad Luck, Good Luck, Bad Luck"
  Ed Seasmith: "Friends & Family"
 3rd Place:Sarah Burden: "Luck"
 Highly Commended:Emma Ayres: "What Goes Round..."
 Commended:BF Jones: "Luck"
  Brian Corbett: "Flukey"
Adult Group - Poetry1st Place:Jenny Simnett: "Lucky Six"
 2nd Place:Nancy Charley: "I Never Knew The Saxaphone"
 3rd Place:Nick Lipley: "Third Conditional"
 Highly Commended:Terry Rickson: "Trench Cover"