Equipment Hire
Sennheiser Radio Microphone system

The Trust has recently purchased a new Sennheiser Radio Microphone system for the benefit of the local community in Elmbridge and which is available on loan for a modest fee - substantially lower than commercial rental charges.

The system consists of eight channels of UHF radio microphones set up to work together both consistently and legally. It is packaged as two four-channel systems, which can be used either together or separately. The Yellow System can be used either with bodypack transmitters connected to personal mics or with handheld transmitters. The Blue System can only be used with bodypack transmitters but has a choice of personal (tie clip) mics or “Madonna-style” headset mics. The Sennheiser system can be used together with the R C Sherriff Trust's Trantec radio mic system. Seasoned users should just be able to “plug and play”, but the package includes practical guidelines and a manufacturer’s manual.

The receivers operate on UHF radio frequencies for which the Trust has a special licence, allowing you easy access to legal use of the appropriate frequencies.

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