RC Sherriff classics you can stream right now

Thanks to diligent film buffs and enthusiastic historians around the world, you can now download and stream a cross-section of classic movies and radio plays that were either written or scripted by RC Sherriff. To help you enjoy these, we’ve compiled a list of our favourites.

If you discover links to any others, please share them via the comments and also let us know what you think of our recommendations.

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Movies to stream

Journey’s End (1930) YouTube - running time 2h 48m https://youtu.be/sSIrfj6eCkQ

Experience the original movie version of Sherriff’s best-known play, which is set in a WW1 dugout on the Western Front in 1918. As you would expect for a film that almost 90-years old, it’s not the greatest picture quality, but the sound is clear. However, with a running time of 2 hours 48minutes, it’s perhaps one to watch over a few sittings.

Journey’s End (1988) YouTube - TV version - running time: 1hr 44m https://youtu.be/y98QdRmLfbQ

If the 1930’s classic isn’t your cup of tea, then Michael Simpson’s TV adaptation of Journey’s End is a better alternative, albeit with a few more dramatic embellishments compared to the original.

It’s a good place to start for anyone looking to familiarise themselves with Sherriff’s original play, such as GCSE students.

The Invisible Man (1933) Vimeo - running time: 1hr 11m https://vimeo.com/148891961

RC Sherriff takes the lead credit for the screenplay for this highly acclaimed vintage horror adaptation of HG Well’s classic, which tells the story of chemist who discovers the secret of invisibility. Claude Rains stars as Dr Jack Griffin aka The Invisible Man, although he is wrapped in bandages for the majority of the film. Thankfully, the wrappings didn’t conceal the actor’s performance and he still managed to impress movie execs. Rains went on to feature in many more classic films, the most famous being Casablanca, where he played the part of Captain Louis Renault.

Dam Busters (1955)

PutLocker - duration 2hrs 5mins

Stream full film: https://putlockertv.se/watch/the-dam-busters.xryn8/y8pkpx

(Link opens in new window)

Trailer (YouTube)

This classic British Second World war film, about the innovative and daring bombing raids conducted by the RAF’s 617 Sqn, secured RC Sherriff a nomination for Best British Screenplay at the 1956 BAFTA awards. Unfortunately, he was pipped to the post by the Ealing comedy: The Ladykillers.

Goodbye, Mr Chips (1939) (£3.49 to rent from iTunes) (iTunes download required) With a screenplay by RC Sherriff, this film was nominated for an Oscar (Academy Award) in 1939 and it made more than $3.5m at the US box office and was a huge hit with British audiences, too. Adapted from the novel by James Hilton, the film focuses on the fond memories of a teacher at a boys school, called Mr Chipping (affectionately known to the pupils as Mr Chips) as he reflects on his idyllic courtship and marriage that transformed his life.

Audio plays

Throughout his career, many of RC Sherriff’s plays were broadcast by the BBC’s home service. Fortunately, recordings of these have been saved and are available to listen to (stream or download as MP3) via the Internet Archive website.

Journey’s End https://archive.org/details/JourneysEnd Enjoy this radio adaptation of Journey’s End, which stars Martin Jarvis in the lead as Stanhope.

The Long Sunset https://archive.org/details/LongSunsetThe Set during the last days of Roman-occupied Britain, a family of Romans learn news the Roman Empire had fallen and that the Roman armies were pulling out of Britain. Consequently, the family must come terms with how their lives will change without the protection they once enjoyed.

The White Carnation https://archive.org/details/WhiteCarnationThe

A mysterious dark comedy about a confused stockbroker who, through a paranormal incident, is transported to 1951 where he discovers he is actually a ghost who was killed, along with his wife and dinner party guests, when a V1 bomb destroyed his house on Christmas Eve in 1944.

Home at Seven https://archive.org/details/HomeAtSevenByRCSherriff Another of Sherriff’s mystery plays, published in 1950, this play tells the story of a man who returns from work one evening only to find that he’s been missing for a whole 24 hours, which he has no recollection of.

The plot thickens when evidence emerges that he may have been involved in a theft and a murder.

In 1957, this play was released as a film, staring Pete Cushing. RC Sherriff’s Work

Take a look at our timeline of RC Sherriff’s Work for more on his writing, as well as for links to other resources about Sherriff’s life.

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