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The 2023-24 Elmbridge Literary Competition is now closed 
Full Details can be found HERE

'Writing For The Sake of Writing'
A Celebration of The Elmbridge Literary Competition
including readings from 'Music' The 16th Elmbridge Literary Competition

The RC Sherriff Trust works to advance the arts across the Borough of Elmbridge (Surrey, UK) by creating a vibrant, thriving and accessible arts scene for the whole community. We do this by supporting, developing and promoting artists, performers, organisations and schools involved with the arts. We also create and run our own programmes of arts-related events and initiatives.


Provided in grants to develop and promote the arts in Elmbridge, since 2012.


Grants issued since 2012 to support arts-related outcomes in Elmbridge. 

29 Years

Advancing the arts across the Borough of Elmbridge.

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