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The timeline below shows the known plays, books and screenplays RC Sherriff created or worked on during his lifetime. 

Visit RC Sherriff's Life  to learn more about his life. 


Find more details about all of RC Sherriff's screenplays - including those never made into movies - in the blog by Roland Wales, RC Sherriff biographer.  

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Film: Journey’s End (1930)

 Play: A Hitch in the Proceedings (1921)


 Play: The Woods of Meadowside (1922)

 Play: Profit & Loss (1923)

 Play: Cornlow in the Downs (1923)

 Play: The Feudal System (1925)

 Play: Mr Birdie’s Finger (1926)

 Play: Journey’s End (1928)


 Book: Journey’s End (1930)

Co-authored with Vernon Bartlett

 Play: Badger’s Green (1930)

 Play: Journey’s Other End (1930)

Little-known sequel to Journey's End

 Book: The Fortnight in September (1931) 

 Play: Windfall (1934)

 Play: Two Hearts Doubled (1934)

 Play: St Helena (1934)

Film: The Invisible Man (1933)


Film: Film: One More River (1934)

Film: Badger’s Green (1934)

Film: Windfall (1935)

Film: Rhodes of Africa (1936) 

Script consultant,  uncredited.

Film: : The Road Back (1937)

 Book: Greengates (1936) 

Film: Three Comrades (1938)
Wrote first draft,  uncredited.

Film: Goodbye, Mr Chips (1939)
Nominated for an Academy Award / Oscar

Film: : The Four Feathers (1939)


 Book: The Hopkins Manuscript (1939) 

Film: Film: Flight Command (1940)
Script consultant, uncredited.

Film: Freedom Radio (1941)
Script consultant, uncredited

Film: That Hamilton Woman (1941)

Film: Major Barbara (1941)
Script consultant, uncredited

Film: They Met in Bombay (1941)
Script consultant, uncredited

Film: Mrs Miniver (1942)
Wrote outline treatment and one scene: uncredited

Film: Stand By For Action (Cargo of Innocence)  (1942)


Film: Stand By For Action (Cargo of Innocence)  (1942)


Film: This Above All (1942) 

Film: Stand By For Action
[Cargo of Innocence]  (1942)

Film: Forever and a Day (1943) 
One of many writers, uncredited  

Film: Victory Through Air Power (1943)
One of many writers, uncredited 

 Book: Chedworth (1944) 

Film: Odd Man Out (1947)

 Play: Miss Mabel (1948)

Film: Escape (1948)
Script consultant, uncredited

Film: Quartet (1948)


Film: Trio [Sanatorium] (1950)

 Play: Home at Seven (1950)

Film: No Highway in the Sky (1951) 

 Play: The White Carnation (1953)

Film: Home at Seven (1952) 

 Book: King John’s Treasure (1954)

Film: A Prize of Gold (1955)

Wrote first draft, uncredited 

 Play: The Long Sunset (1955)

Film: The Night My Number Came Up (1955) 

Film: The Dam Busters (1955)

Nominated for BAFTA

Film: Dunkirk (1958)
Wrote first draft, uncredited

 Play: The Telescope (1956)

 Play: Play: Cards with Uncle Tom (1958)
Broadcast by BBC Home Service in February 1958


 Play:  A Shred of Evidence also titled The Strip of Steel (1960)

Musical: Johnny The Priest (1960)
Based on the play: The Telescope

 Play: The Ogburn Story (1962)

 Book: The Ogburn Story (1962) 

 Book: The Wells of St Mary’s (1962)

Book: No Leading Lady (1968)
RC Sherriff’s autobiography 


Movies / screenplays 
Theatre / 
Stage plays

Film: Bonnie Prince Charlie (1948)
Script consultant, uncredited

Film: Storm over the Nile (1955)

Cinemascope remake of Four Feathers

Book: Book: Siege of Swayne Castle (1973)

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