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  • The diagram below outlines the process we follow to award grants.

  • If you have any questions, please get in touch

3. Scheduled for a decision

  • Once we receive your application,

  • it will be added to the agenda for the next Trustees decision meeting.

  • We will send a copy of your application to attendees, along with the agenda.

2. Complete & submit the application form

  • Download and complete the application form to explain to the Board of Trustees how awarding you a grant would support our mission of advancing the arts in Elmbridge and align with our five core goals. 

  • You can submit your form via this site, email or via post. Check out the timetable for submission deadlines.

  • We can only support projects scheduled to start at least three weeks after the particular Trustees' decision meeting.  

1. Develop your idea or proposal

  • Determine how it advances the arts in Elmbridge.

  • Determine which type of grant you want to apply for. The next stage will explain more.

  • Consider other sources of funding - We will award grants of up to 50% towards your costs

  • Get in touch if you have any questions.

 6. Make it happen & spread the word! 

  • With the cheque in your bank account, you’re all set to achieve your goal.

  • As you get nearer to delivery, make sure you tell us about any key dates so we can include them in Arts Focus.

  • In line with the terms of acceptance, please issue a press release about your award and how you will spend it. This helps raise awareness of RC Sherriff’s legacy and the Trust -- encouraging more people to support our work. 

And finally...

  • Having successfully delivered your goal, it’s vital you tell us about how you got on so we can include details in our annual reviews and on our website, to meet our obligations as a charity.

  • We’d also love you to share any photos, videos or other content, so we can add them to our social media and website, showcasing your great work. 

  • If you’re successful, we will send you an offer letter. This sets out how much you have been awarded, any proposed conditions to the offer, and the legal terms you agree to by accepting the offer.

  • Once you sign and return the form, we will raise a cheque and post it to you. 


5. Recive an offer

4. Trustees Meeting

  • Here, board Trustees will discuss the benefits and risks associated with each application.

  • They will vote on whether they want  to award a grant. They may also decide to award a grant or propose some conditions, before awarding awarding a grant.

  • We will share the outcome of the meeting with applicants via email. 

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