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The Best Advice Project

An Arts Project of Older People

What's the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Perhaps your mother told you to never leave the house with wet hair...

Or without clean underwear!

Or maybe it was something more superstitious...

that you should never, under any circumstances leave a hat on your bed!


During Lockdown our artists, Imogen Andrews and Sophie Boyce, have continued to run The R C Sherriff Trust's Rosebriars Art Group remotely. Sending out brilliant art projects to older people across Elmbridge by post. This gave them the idea for The Best Advice Project.




In order to receive a postcard on which to write down your favourite piece of advice, simply email wit your name and address and we will send out a card and SAE.  Write down your advice on the postcard and return it to us by the 31 March.


Supported by a grant from The National Lottery Community Fund, The Best Advice Project is aimed at uplifting and inspiring the imaginations of all those who submit their ‘Best Advice’. The postcards will be used to create a series of books to raise funds to support the arts in Elmbridge.

They will also be showcased on the RC Sherriff Website.


 Thank you for joining in, we are really looking forward to reading some good advice!

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